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The UFW profile

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Commercial vehicles


A well-known manufacturer of commercial vehicles

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New technique, new problems.


Owing to new engine technology, the entire dynamic behaviour of commercial vehicles was changing. This caused short circuits, insulation damage or even cable breakages in the lines.

From 2004 to 2006, a well-known manufacturer of commercial vehicles changed the engine technology from Euro IV to Euro V. Short circuits, insulation damage or even cable breakages in the lines were caused, especially by oscillation arcs, because the cable harness was installed in an S-shape above the transmission block for layout reasons.




New profile creates new possibilities


A corrugated tube with a completely new profile offered the maximum possible contact face inside the corrugated tube.

Using medical camera technology, it was discovered that the corrugated pipes were damaging the cable insulation.

A Schlemmer sales engineer, a graduate mathematician, did some mathematical calculations. In doing so, he optimised the sine-shaped profile of the conventional corrugated tube in such a way that the maximum possible contact surface was achieved inside the corrugated tube.

Immediately, mould blocks with the newly developed UFW profile were built for all nominal sizes. The tubes were also used immediately afterwards by manufacturers of passenger cars.




Safe. Up to the present day.

The UFW profile is still fulfilling its task today and lessens corrugated tube damage or eliminates them almost entirely.