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Cable protection accessories

Innovation Story


Product name

Cable protection accessories


Business sector

Automotive industry


Nexans / Cummins

Production site



Do not despair, ask Schlemmer.


A customer from the USA urgently required a direct solution to a cable protection system problem he could not solve himself. The challenge was to combine manifolds and angle pieces so that they could be used compatibly.


Networked working - from the pub to the series.


As Schlemmer is a worldwide enterprise, the employees at Schlemmer USA were able to make good use of their close contacts with their colleagues in Germany. A German employee, who owing to the time difference was already sitting in a bar drinking a beer after work, immediately had a bright idea and sketched it by hand. The draft was photographed and sent to the customer.


Uncomplicated help. 24/7.

The suggested solution was immediately accepted. Thanks to swift implementation of the Schlemmer development process, series production was started in a short time.