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Cross-industry performance diversity


For more than sixty years, the Schlemmer Group has always been a reliable partner that meets its customers’ most demanding requirements. Our cable protection and cable management systems are used wherever complex, sensitive areas require special protection.

Thanks to synergies in development and with the aid of systematic product combinations, we create solutions for an extraordinary range of business areas. Thanks to our technical knowledge and many years of experience, we offer you professional advice and support.




Picture of a blue modern car stands for the Car Industry of Schlemmer

At the present time, a few megatrends can be seen in the automotive industry. Apart from electromobility and the digitalisation of vehicles, another term that is always at hand is autonomous driving. Hence the car is becoming an ever more sensitive and better networked living space.

Our Schlemmer cable protection and management products protect the highly sensitive connections in the entire vehicle complex. Our claim here is to always offer our customers the best solutions at the highest level of quality.

A white truck driving on the highway with the sunset in the background

Because commercial vehicles are the segment with the highest quality requirements, they are a focus of our mechatronics business. Long distances, heavy loads and distinctly more systems within the vehicle complex make reliable cable protection systems even more important for commercial vehicles. We at Schlemmer supply suitable and tailored solutions for them.

Black Motorcycle on its way on the road with the sun and green grass in the background

From the sporty Enduro to the tailored Custombike, the range in the motorbike business is multifaceted. Especially in so-called megacities, urbanisation means that scooters and motorcycles are being preferred to private cars.

Concentrated high-performance technology in the smallest space calls for extraordinary reliability. By using extremely heat-resistant and hard-wearing materials, we also guarantee optimal protection in the high-temperature range.


Vehicles and transportation


Picture of a Trailer stands for the Caravanning Industry of Schlemmer

Going on holiday and living at home on four wheels is an alternative that more and more people are discovering everyday. The producers need products and parts that can overcome all challenges to adress the expectations of the consumers. 

We design and develop not only the highest quality cable protection solutions and complex injection moulded components for caravanning, but also water-tight media, such as tubes for drinking water. You are always on the safe side with our products for caravans and trailers.


Picture of a construction site stands for Schlemmers Construction Machinery Industry

Construction machinery often has to hold up under extreme strains. The heaviest loads have to be brought reliably from A to B regardless of the weather or other external conditions. Strong forces are usually at work here.

With the aid of our cable protection solutions made of abrasion-proof materials often installed in the form of entire cable harnesses, we ensure that important components in your machines are provided with the best possible protection.

Picture of a tank facing left with another tank and black clouds in the background

The Defense Industry is constantly challenged. Applications in remote areas, special climatic conditions and extreme usage wear influence the materials used, which must nevertheless be absolutely reliable.

With many different variations of plastic and metal tubing, and especially the entire ATEX product segment, we also meet the requirements of the defence industry. For heavy tanks up to small surveillance cameras, Schlemmer products are also optimal complements for this sector.



Ship sailing with colorful cargo and the harbour in the background

People have been making extensive use of the oceans as transport routes for a long time. Across the European Union, more than 50% of the import goods are carried by sea and as much as 95% of goods are transported between Europe and Asia, the world's most important trade route.

We make a major contribution to this with our solutions and products for the maritime industry. Almost our entire product portfolio, and in particular our saltwater-resistant cable glands, is designed to enable us to provide protection and stability in and on the water.

Picture of a modern train stands for Schlemmer Railway Industry

Next to the traditional automotive segment, the Schlemmer Group additionally operates as a supplier in numerous other industry segments. For instance, its corrugated tubes and cable glands have been used in many areas of railway technology for a long time. The range of applications extends from the routing of electric cables inside of cabins or inbetween wagons via the application in air conditionings and the field of railway engine technology to the deployment in electronic control centers.

Primarily the requirements of the global players of the railway industry, which are for instance formulated in the norms DIN EN 45545 and NF F 16-601, are significantly relevant. In devising innovative advancements like special silicone sealing systems, Schlemmer is at the top of the field of material development.




Picture of a chemical factory stands for the Chemical Industry of Schlemmer

Chemicals are used to manufacture a wide variety of consumer goods as well as many commodities for the agriculture, manufacturing and construction industries among other business fields. The needs of the chemical industry are therefore varied and in constant evolution.

The polymers and plastics materials used for our products cover a wide range from polyamide through thermoplastic nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR), polyurethane, polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene to thermoplastic elastomere.

Find the products that meet your needs here or contact us for a customised solution.


Food Production Line in a factory and controller in the background

Guaranteeing food safety is a highly responsible task. For this reason, there are strict hygiene requirements (for example, FDA CFR 21 and NSF 51), which all equipment used for the preparation and processing of foodstuffs must comply with. When cleaned as perfectly as possible, the risk of infections, diseases, contagions or injuries is excluded or at least reduced to a minimum.

Our Schlemmer products are easy to clean and protect against soiling. They are optimally orientated to the special requirements in the food sector and help you to produce food of impeccable quality.


Picture of a Lighting Bulb stands for the Lighting Industry of Schlemmer

Our Schlemmer cable protection for large lighting systems is used especially in the industrial sector. Our product portfolio of corrugated tubes, connecting elements, holders and clips offers the perfect supplements for designing lighting systems. In nearly all market segments of ATEX industry (for example, oil and gas, chemicals, food processing) lighting technology, both indoors and outdoors, is also an integral part of safety concepts.



Picture of an industrial Tunnel stands for the Mining Industry of Schlemmer

Even though the market has changed considerably in recent years, the mining and raw materials sector is anything but on the decline. On the contrary, it is especially in times of digitalisation that the extraction of new raw materials is of great importance. The machines and materials used withstand high demands and must therefore be extremely stable with enormous flexibility.

We serve the mining and raw materials sector by using abrasion-proof materials, as well as our ATEX product segment, in particular. Our cable protection and management solutions are approved, which is of great importance especially in this sector. Thus, we ensure that our Schlemmer products always meet the high requirements of our customers.

Oil station on the water

The oil and gas industry represents one of the roughest environments on earth. It requires that all equipment and machines operating in areas where explosive atmospheres may occur comply with international certifications in order to ensure the protection of the installation and of the individuals. The products have to meet essential health and safety requirements and undergo appropriate conformity procedures before being given the certification approval for a specific geographical market.

Schlemmer’s ATEX product series for cable glands and conduit fittings are certified for different types of protection depending on the materials and production methods used.

Back of man with white shirt that looks inside a warehouse that is in the background

A broad product portfolio enables us to cover a wide range of requirements. We make this diversity of products available to wholesalers, as well. From the simple corrugated tube to the special Oxyban tube, you not only benefit from the quality of our products, but also from our experience.

We will be happy to help you in word and deed with any questions you may have.




Thermostat on third heating level

Heating , gas and water supply as well as waste water disposal are central areas for house and apartment construction. In the heating and sanitary sector, we can reliably provide you with the right solutions from the area of cable protection and management.

Thanks to their chemical resistance, our metal and plastic tubes made of special materials (such as PFA, ETFE) fulfil the especially high requirements prevailing in the high-temperature segment.

Laundry room with 13 turquise stainless stell washing machines

White goods are appliances that are produced especially for the retail trade. With our expertise and innovative ideas, we help manufacturers of (large) appliances for the kitchen, laundry care, indoor climate or room lighting to make their products even more efficient and thus more cost-effective for private end customers.

Whether it be a washing machine, dryer or vacuum cleaner, Schlemmer products promote smooth and safe operation, and are synonymous with optimal quality in your household appliances.




Picture of an production robot stands for Schlemmer Automation Robotics Industry

The use of robots and the automation of the entire production chain has long ceased to be pie in the sky. In more and more companies, cooperation between humans and robots is already common practice.

This automation ensure that employees can invest more time and effort in development and optimization in the future, while the regular assembly process runs automatically. However, this requires perfect technical equipment and a long service life, especially in the field of automation technology and robotics. With our highly flexible and yet abrasion-resistant tubes in the cable protection sector, we enable your machines to enjoy a long service life.

Inside the production site of a industrial building

Large installations call for large protection. With our extra-large tubes and cable glands, we protect even the thickest cables and thus provide for smooth operation. Despite their size, our cable protection solutions remain flexible and easily withstand high stresses.

Picture of a Power Supply stands for the Power Supply Industry of Schlemmer

Wherever high voltage is used, special cable protection is required. With our Schlemmer products you are on the safe side. As the world market leader in the field of cable protection systems, we supply compelling solutions. The type of production and energy supply is of secondary importance.

From coal and nuclear power to renewable energies, our products are versatile. Particularly in the course of the energy revolution and the establishment of new methods for energy generation, such as solar power, wind and water power or geothermal energy, our products deliver reliable results and make a decisive contribution to energy supply.





Picture of a Power Supply stands for the Power Supply Industry of Schlemmer

Together with you, we want to meet one of the most important challenges of the future: climate change. The market for renewable sources of energy is constantly growing, and we at Schlemmer also want to do our part to advance this potential.

For this purpose, we develop and supply individual components and complete solutions worldwide. From cable glands with UV protection to cable protection systems and cable harnesses: We also serve the renewable energy sector with a variety of Schlemmer products.

Picture of a machine loading waste into a truck that stands for Schlemmer Waste Management Industry

The correct handling of waste is of immense importance in times of climate change and the increasing pollution of our planet. The ever-increasing increase in waste and refuse poses great challenges, especially for plants and machines for waste processing or waste disposal.

Therefore, a robust, flexible and sustainable construction including high-quality components is crucial. The more trouble-free waste processing plants run, the more effectively you can fight against the growing mountains of waste. Our company also offers suitable products for this sector.

Picture of on-water industrial building stands for Schlemmer Water Management Industry

The correct handling of waste is of immense importance in times of climate change and the increasing pollution of our planet. The ever-increasing increase in waste and refuse poses great challenges, especially for plants and machines for waste processing or waste disposal.

Therefore, a robust, flexible and sustainable construction including high-quality components is crucial. The more trouble-free waste processing plants run, the more effectively you can fight against the growing mountains of waste. Our company also offers suitable products for this sector.