Automotive solutions at a glance

Here we show you an overview of the areas of the vehicle where our automotive solutions are used.


With over 60 years of experience, we produce cable management solutions at the highest level. Whether injection moulding, extrusion, MuCell or hybrid parts: we are always the right address for you.

Connector-Interfaces | Cable guide | Cable conduit | Corrugated tube | Control unit bracket | Manifold

Fuel resistance and impermeability, even with different types of fuel. You will find these qualities in our fuel supply products: of course, both inside and outside the tank.

This is why you will find a wide range of products in this segment such as high-precision injection moulded parts and multi-layer tubes.

Fuel line Suction | Jet pump | Surge plate


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Whether conventional drive engines such as petrol engines, diesel engines or developments in the hybrid sector:

our products impress by virtue of an increase in efficiency through intelligent, customerspecific and space-saving solutions.

Crankcase air extraction | Cooling water tube | Vacuum tube

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Special products for a special vehicle. No matter whether it is a hybrid or a fully electrified vehicle: With our high-voltage cable management products as well as our electromagnetic protection components, nothing stands in the way of electromobility.

EMC gland | System components for high-voltage applications | High-voltage cable conduit

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A clear view thanks to Schlemmer. Long distances and little space from the windscreen wiper fluid tank to the rear: Our windscreen wiper components are installed individually in a confined space.

Filling neck | Headlamp cleaning system | Windscreen wiper fluid line

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Come in and feel good. Our products for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning ensure an optimal feel-good atmosphere in the vehicle.

Fragrance tube | Condensation water line  | Air line

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Safety is the highest good. This is why our reliable high-precision injection mouldingand media-conducting cable products are used for the brake and steering system.

Overrun line | Control box power brake | Brake air line

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“Schlemmer quality to touch" With our high-quality products, you also score in the field of view of your end customers.

Star gripnut | Luggage net

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Always well informed. Our sensors continuously monitor various functions of the vehicle to ensure your customers never lose track of things.

Control electronics | Level sensor | Vehicle monitoring

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Our products ensure a reliable and stable power supply in the vehicle.

Battery degassing line | Battery disconnection switch | Voltage transformer

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