We take responsibility seriously.

Sustainability is our future.


Quality has always taken top priority for us in the Schlemmer Group and is part of each employee’s everyday life in the entire worldwide production network. Comprehensive, multi-stage quality management in accordance with TS 16949 and ISO 9001 ensures our quality both through defined processes in the work cycles as well as in the production of our products and components. 

The primary focus of our integrated management system is to meet the needs of our customers. This requirement challenges us to continually develop our processes and structures and to regularly adapt to new circumstances –

especially in accordance with the strict methods of the automotive industry. As a global enterprise, we have particular responsibility for long-term worldwide challenges, such as demographic change, climate change and limited resources.

Thanks to sustainability, we protect our environment for the long term and ensure the future and material values of our Schlemmer Group. We harmonise economic, ecological and social requirements and accept our responsibility to society.



Utmost commitment to environmental protection.


As a technology enterprise we are obligated to take particular care in our dealings with nature. Environmental protection is anchored in all our corporate activities and begins with product development. Environmentally compatible production processes, recycling aspects and energy-saving technologies are the magic triangle on which every innovation in all our branches and production facilities must measure itself.

Thanks to deliberately planned processes and the right choice of materials or processes, we reach an ideal level of quality throughout whilst systematically reducing risk and solidly avoiding errors. Through the successful introduction and continuity of Schlemmer Process management (SPM), our certified environment management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001, we underline the importance of environmental protection at Schlemmer.

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Schlemmer Process Management

Systematic flexibility.


Our Schlemmer Process Management (SPM) makes business and production processes clear, simple and quickly projected and analysed and checked directly in accordance with the relevant standards. Always taking consideration of work safety, the environment and quality management. The integrated process management system can be adapted to customer-specific processes at any time.

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Suitable suppliers for raw materials, tools and purchased parts are chosen by Schlemmer’s own quality standards, which are guided by ISO standards, among others. To be cleared for our partner pool, new suppliers must go through the Schlemmer supplier management process. To ensure the safety and reliability of our production for the long term, we also regularly audit our suppliers on site (VDA 6.3).

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Quality builds trust.


The many certifications – including ISO TS 16949 and ISO 14001 for our sites in Europe & North Africa , as well as ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 also for the European & North African sites –  are one of the tools we use to reach our zero defect target.

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