HOPPE Kunststoffspritzerei und Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG applies for a self-administration procedure

Aschheim near Munich, 14 Oct 2019

The Berlin-based Schlemmer subsidiary HOPPE, which specialises in high-precision injection moulded parts for the automotive and electrical industries, initiated a self-administration procedure on 10 October.

The current economic situation in the automotive industry as well as a related critical utilisation situation had led to financial insolvency. By way of self-administration, the company is to be reorganised under the management of Martin Liefländer. Schlemmer took over HOPPE in 2014 with the aim of securing the continued existence of the company which was already in a critical financial situation.

"We are confident that this restructuring process will enable us to secure the future of the company in the long term," explains Martin Liefländer, General Manager at HOPPE. "By becoming independent, we also have the opportunity to expand our product portfolio in other – also automotive-independent – directions."



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