Investor interest in Schlemmer Group and stable supply chains

Aschheim by Munich, 02 Mar 2020

International investors show lively interest in the Schlemmer Group - this is proven by the investor process initiated at the beginning of the quarter. In addition, the production in the worldwide plants is running stable on a high level, in the German production sites the sales expectations are met despite the currently difficult market environment.

After filing for insolvency at the end of 2019, the Schlemmer Group, supported by the Roland Berger Management Consultants, has initiated an international investor process. The aim is to find a suitable investor for all worldwide activities of the group of companies, who will carry on the growth course with the product portfolio in the fields of e-mobility and autonomous driving. There are several possible options: either a complete takeover or region-specific solutions for America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Results are expected in the second half of April 2020.

Both the delivery to the Schlemmer Group by its suppliers and subcontractors as well as the supply chains to the customers are currently stable - due to the long-standing know-how in the extrusion and injection moulding sector, the quality requirements of the customers are fulfilled group-wide.

With the scheduled opening of insolvency proceedings on March 1, 2020, the group and company structure will be adjusted as part of the restructuring measures. The Haßfurt location is to be further expanded with an additional 25 employees. At the same time, competitive structures will be created again in the holding company with the reduction of 32 employees. The Münchingen location will be continued as before, with vacancies there too. The group of companies employs approximately 3,700 people worldwide.

Decisive for the positive course of the proceedings so far was the support of the essential stakeholders of the Schlemmer Group such as customers, suppliers, staff and financiers.



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