Cable cleats

The safe bet for cable fixing.


In the industry as well as in the commercial sector, a professional electrical installation is a key prerequisite to avoid fires caused by short circuits as well as consequential mechanical damage. Amazingly, cable ties made of plastic materials are often still used to fix individual cables or wiring harnesses. Although they are inexpensive to buy, apart from an optical improvement by merging exposed cables and multicores they offer no protection. Therefore, generated heat in the area of electrical installations often tends to create

problems, especially during longterm use and continuous operation. Plastic materials lose moisture, become porous and often crack. In the case of a short circuit with a high residual current, simple cable ties cannot withstand the resulting pressure on the wiring harness. Especially in industrial applications, simple plastic cable ties can therefore jeopardize the entire system infrastructure. Our solution: Schlemmer cable cleats for reliable cable fixing.

  • Safety: protection of personnel and system infrastructure
  • Appearance: more professional aspect
  • Financial aspect: protection against damage to cable and high costs in the event of damage
  • Environment: reuse is possible
  • Longevity: stability over many years
  • Installation time: fewer fixings are necessary in contrast to cable ties
  • Fire behaviour: system integrity is ensured (e.g. in the event of a short circuit)
  • Specification: requirements of cable manufacturers
  • Installation: vertical or horizontal
  • Application: for all types of cables (corrugated tubes, pipes, ...)
We always assist in selecting suitable fastening materials. The evaluation of all
relevant data and information flows into concrete recommendations for action
that enable the customer to carry out safer and more long-lasting electrical
Meirion Williams, Technical Director Schlemmer UK