Precision with years of experience


Quality "Made in Germany"

Our toolmaking is the beginning of your innovation. We develop, design and construct high-precision, durable injection moulds. During construction, both tool-related and plastic-technical details of your product are taken into account and optimised. All departments work hand in hand with us at short notice. We cover all the necessary processes for steel processing (CNC milling, HSC milling, turning, die-sinking EDM, wire-cut EDM, grinding, etc.) internally and thus achieve high flexibility and short reaction times.



This is what distinguishes our toolmaking

•    Mould-fill simulation and warpage calculation
•    Tools with interchangeable inserts possible
•    Use of high-strength, powder metallurgy steels and special materials
•    Tool coatings for better demoulding and wear reduction
•    Precise and rigid guidance of the moving toolmaking components: manufacturing accuracy is high to very high
•    Hot runners with needle valve systems
•    Production partly with evacuation of the cavities before the injection process



Quality – excellent and sophisticated

Our modern, high-performance machinery meets the latest demands of available technologies in terms of machining precision and mould design efficiency. Supported by appropriate information and data processing as well as industry-specific communication tools, high-performance and reliable tools are produced in a very good price-performance ratio under constant quality control: More than 95% of all moulds we use were built in-house.




Experience – vast and proven

Highly filled plastic materials (fibreglass, minerals, etc.) which have a very abrasive effect on the tool are often used for sophisticated products. We counteract this with our experience in selecting the right steels, special coatings and the appropriate tool design. Mould cavities are not eroded from the solid in the critical areas but rather built up by interchangeable inserts – this reduces costs in series production and minimises interruptions due to tool wear.