Liquid silicone rubber

The solution for a lasting connection.


It is increasingly difficult to conceive of automotive engineering without modern materials. That is why we at Schlemmer are always looking for new, reliable materials which can be used for the long term in a variety of ways. Our objective is to look ahead and develop future solutions for which there is not yet any demand. Where others are still planning, we are already developing – in

order to give you, our customer, the best possible support in the implementation of your projects. After many years of experience with two-component injection moulding, we are now pleased to be able to offer another component as a technical solution: liquid silicone rubber.

If you are looking for a reliable multi-component injection moulding component, which has already proven its value many times over, LSR is the best solution for you.
Michael Zipperle, Schlemmer Münchingen

the all-rounder

LSR – liquid silicone rubber – can be used flexibly. With its temperature resistance from -100°C to 250°C, it has a very high resistance to freezing and heat. Thanks to its chemical stability and good durability, it can be used almost everywhere. The challenge: The various cavities must be coordinated to avoid over-injection.


Hybrid components

Interest in hybrid components is growing. With the ongoing rise in product variety, the demand for flexible production and assembly is also increasing. Especially in regard of lightweight construction evolution, the trend is towards saving weight. Your strong partner in this area: Schlemmer.

Whether hard, soft or multi-coloured – we combine the widest variety of components into a complex multifunctional part – and do so in a single production step.

Why multi-component injection moulding?

  • The production process is fully automated, from manufacture to inspection up to packaging.
  • A component is manufactured in a single production step. No additional assembly steps are required.
  • The combination of various materials offers the most functional solution.
  • The materials are firmly and permanently bonded together.
  1. Metal/plastic/silicone hybrid component*
  2. Metal/plastic hybrid component
  3. Plastic/silicone hybrid component

*For instance, a metal insert is put into the tool, and this insert is first moulded around by the hard component (plastic) and then by the soft component (silicone). Your advantage: Saving time and expenses.

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