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An all-rounder for greater mobility


Existing refrigerant lines for injection moulding tools hardly enable tight bending radii, which are necessary for use in the tight spaces inside the injection moulding machine. In addition, a solution was needed for use at continuous service temperatures.

Injection moulding tools always have to be tempered or cooled. The usually very high shot numbers over the lifespan of this sort of tool strains the cooling tubes. Until now, it was only possible to use smooth, reinforced or thick-walled tubes to cool injection moulding tools, in some cases even the simplest fabric tubes in conjunction with tube clamps were used. At tool tempering up to 140°C (when processing the following plastics: PPS, PPA, PPT, POM, ...) smooth, stainless steel reinforced PFA tubes were used. However, these are very stiff, which is why tight bending radii were hardly feasible.



Little space. Little flexibility.


The existing cooling lines were replaced by OXYBAN tubes with a PFA corrugated tube inner liner. They offer the required flexibility and bendability and are used both for cooling tools as well as for tempering a variety of plastics.


The existing cooling lines of the Schlemmer Group were replaced by OXYBAN tubes, which are very flexible.

Depending on the layer structure, they fulfil a wide spectrum of requirements and are ideal to adapt to customer wishes.

  • Highly flexible, easy to assemble and long-lasting
  • Pressure resistant
  • Compatible applications thanks to supplied Hasco glands on the tube ends
  • Tube sheathing made of stainless steel mesh
  • Temperature resistant up to approx. 240°C

The connection in the tool was reset with OXYBAN in order to avoid irritating protruding of the “male” connections during the setup process and tool maintenance. For a connection of the OXYBAN tubes, corresponding connectors are pressed into the ends. The connection is made using standardised connection technology in the field of injection moulding (manufacturer HASCO).



Flexibility in confined spaces

Due to the material properties of PFA, the inside lining of Schlemmer OXYBAN tubes, tools can now be cooled and various plastics can be tempered. At a continuous service temperature of up to 240°C, the PFA inside sheath offers optimal flexibility and bendability of the tube, so there is nothing to prevent it from being used even in tight spaces inside the injection moulding machine.

product picture of an oxyban tube