Oxyban in a biogas plant

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Not quite tight


The connecting tubes previously installed in a biogas system had to be replaced every two to three weeks because they were damaged by the methane and ammonia gases conducted through the tubes, which resulted in leakage.

The floor of the digestion tower in a biogas system has nozzles to ensure that the biomass is enriched with fermentation gas. The connecting tubes previously installed at AVEA tended to burst or leak after a short time (approx. two to three weeks). This was obviously not due to the pressures, which were approx. two to seven bar, but to the methane and ammonia gases being conducted through the tubes. They were damaging the material and causing leakage.



One for all


The previously installed connecting tubes were replaced by OXYBAN tubes with EPDM inlays assembled with the original connecting pieces of the existing biogas plant.

Schlemmer’s OXYBAN braided five-layer tube is ideal for meeting customer-specific requirements in layer composition. Whilst the corrugated tube sheathing is always made of stainless steel mesh, a variety of materials can be used as inliners, so that a highly flexible tube for many different areas of applications can be designed.



Reduce costs, increase utilisation!

Thanks to the OXYBAN tubes with EPDM inlays, maintenance of the biogas plant can now be carried out at longer intervals, thus reducing maintenance costs and optimising the utilisation of the system.