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PULSE by Schlemmer

Powerful. Smart. Efficient.

Pulse stands for the values of the future. After all, a reliable, strong vehicle infrastructure, innovative solutions and a sustainable, sophisticated implementation are the basic requirements for the car of tomorrow.

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A reliable, strong vehicle infrastructure over the lifetime of the automobile.
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Innovative solutions cleverly implemented according to the latest technological standards.
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Cost-effective, time-saving and resource-saving. Sustainability taken to the next level.


Megatrends are Schlemmer's friends

We know the challenges of change in the automotive sector. Thereby, we focus our strategic activities on the following four megatrends.



The electric car of the future requires rethinking and thinking ahead in the field of cable management. Both the development process and the technical structure of vehicles are undergoing fundamental changes.

We deliver tailor-made solutions today. Whether it be battery thermal management, electric motor cooling, cable management in high-voltage ranges or innovative solutions for new e-components, Schlemmer serves the megatrend of e-mobility with an extensive customer-specific product portfolio.


The car is part of the „Internet of things“ and is increasingly becoming a moving control cabinet in which the focus is no longer on mechanics but on electronics.

This means that the car is enabled to „feel and think“ with the help of numerous sensors, cameras and mechatronic components. In addition to our comprehensive cable management solutions, we are also transforming our existing light & vision applications to a new era.
We are thus responding to the increasing networking and communication of vehicles with the environment.



Environmental awareness is an essential element of our strategy. The steadily growing requirements for CO2 reduction require new concepts. The solution lies in an efficient engine as well as alter native drives and lightweight construction.

  • Intelligent design in the form of 2C or hybrid components
  • Selection of resource-saving raw materials and materials, e.g. by adding regranulates
  • Lightweight construction: Production methods such as MuCell® technology can in some cases considerably reduce the weight of components.



Safety is one of Schlemmer‘s core values and reflects our product promise.
In the automotive sector, the focus is on three safety-relevant concepts:

In autonomous driving, the fail-to-safe strategy is replaced by the fail-operational strategy. This means that certain functions must continue to function properly and reliably despite damage.

Crash protection
Important elements of the vehicle infrastructure, such as the connection between the electric motor and the battery, must always be specially protected.

On-board network as a safety-relevant component
Safety-related components that are tested regularly must comply with all safety criteria as well as be easy to quickly and reliably remove and install.

The global specialist for future-oriented vehicle infrastructure through cable management and air-and fluid management.
We have the answers to the megatrends of the branch.