Schlemmer corrugated tubes and cable glands route electrics in railway wagons and also furnish protection in other areas of railway technology. Next to the traditional automotive segment, the Schlemmer Group additionally operates as a supplier in numerous other industry segments. For instance, its corrugated tubes and cable glands have been used in many areas of railway technology for a long time. The range of applications extends from the routing of electric cables inside of cabins or inbetween wagons via the application in air conditionings and the field of railway engine technology to the deployment in electronic control centers. As in every industrial line of business, here again it is imperative to meet stringent security standards, for example in order to prevent cable fire.

Primarily the requirements of the global players of the railway industry, which are for instance formulated in the norms DIN EN 45545 and NF F 16-601, are significantly relevant. In devising innovative advancements like special silicone sealing systems, Schlemmer is at the top of the field of material development. A good example is the “Ultra Flat Wave” – a corrugated tube which prevents damage of internal cables and conduits by its almost unruffled inner walls. Schlemmer fulfills further specific and detailed demands of the railway industry for example by complying with temperature tests of minus 60 to plus 250 degrees Celsius for the deployed components.