“Earth Hour 2017” – stand up for environmental protection

19 Mar 2017

The Earth Hour is an annual global climate and environmental protection campaign in which people around the world send a clear message for environmental protection by darkening landmarks (e.g. Sydney Opera House, Brandenburg Gate) for one hour and turning off lights in buildings. It is that time again this year on Saturday, 25 March at 8:30 pm.

We want to use this campaign to further establish awareness of an environmentally sustainable daily working life.

The hustle and bustle of the workplace often leads to supposedly minor environmental sins creeping in, for example leaving on lights. Overall, however, these "minor" habits have a big impact on our environment.

Schlemmer offers the following tips to help each individual to make an important contribution to everyday office life:

  1. Share equipment
  2. Switch PCs and notebooks into the power saving mode in the case of short periods of absence
  3. In the case of prolonged absence, switch off the devices completely
  4. Switch on lights only if necessary
  5. Ventilate efficiently (periodic impact ventilation)
  6. Use heating systems sensibly
  7. Replace old appliances (with a high power consumption) with more modern ones.
  8. Use air conditioning efficiently

For Schlemmer, sustainability and environmental protection are not a burden, but rather an opportunity to secure the future. Let us set a good example by working together responsibly with our environment.