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Why Schlemmer

There are many different reasons to work for Schlemmer


We are convinced that you can only do good work if you feel at ease. That is why we count on a thorough orientation in your sphere of responsibility and place great value on an informal work atmosphere characterized by trust. Since the Schlemmer Group does business and has branch offices all over the world, the work is very wide-ranging and varied. In addition, you have the opportunity to work together internationally with people from a variety of different cultures.

Thanks to our flat hierarchies, we can quickly put new ideas into practice. We make sure that you will not get bored with your work, that you can always make use of your knowledge and grow in your profession. Life-long learning is an important part of the ongoing success of the Schlemmer Group. Therefore, all employees of the Schlemmer Group always have an opportunity to better themselves through further training.


Onboarding programme

Welcome days, detailed induction trainings and competent mentoring.


Employees will only be motivated to do their best work if they feel at ease. That is why we offer you a thorough orientation period in your area of responsibility.

We are with you every step of the way from your very first day in the Schlemmer family, which you will start with a welcome reception. You will be introduced to your colleagues and familiarized with important contacts and processes. Then you will attend various orientation sessions to familiarize you with your function. In this way, you will receive important information from the very outset so you can quickly feel at home with us and get off to a successful start right away.


mentor programme

Brand-new to the company and full of questions? Then it’s a good thing we can support you with a mentor.


Each new employee is allocated a mentor who provides support from the very start. The goal of the mentor is to help you be capable of acting quickly and to bind you to the company for the long term.

The mentor is part of the integration process of each new Schlemmer employee. They are caregivers, contact persons and advisors. They are colleagues whose intention is to familiarize you with the many formal and informal circumstances at Schlemmer.

No matter if you have questions regarding Schlemmer's history, our guiding principles or about product details - you mentor is always happy to help.



Schlemmer Academy

The best at everything we do. Qualified employees for corporate success.

The Schlemmer Academy was set up in 2015. Its goal: Helping our employees develop their talents, enhance their strengths, and constantly improve their expertise. We will prepare you for future challenges and open up new perspectives for you, since only qualified, satisfied employees can continue our company’s success. To this end, the Schlemmer Academy offers you a wide variety of training courses. We offer you training in technical, commercial, and soft skills (for instance, from project management to leadership up to language courses). All training courses, both in-house and external, are taught by experienced, competent instructors!

However, your further training or education also includes an annual appraisal interview, since an in-depth dialogue between employees and their superiors is important to us. At this interview, you will receive feedback on your work, and discuss goals and potentials. In addition, acquiring further qualifications will be discussed.

The Schlemmer Group supports the "Deutschlandstipendium", the German national scholarship program, as a private sponsor. This nationwide scholarship programme provides a specific amount of money each month for talented students of all nationalities. This way we encourage young, committed, and talented new recruits to develop their full potential and be able to concentrate entirely on their studies. Thus we do not only invest in the future of the scholarship holders but in our own future aswell. 


Healthcare management

Be fit for Schlemmer.


The health of our employees is very important to us. That is why the Schlemmer Group pays particular attention to maintaining and improving healthy working conditions. In cooperation with the company doctors at each site, free check-ups are offered as part of occupational healthcare.

In addition, other voluntary measures to protect and maintain your health are coordinated by the Schlemmer Group (for instance, Health Day, B2Run). Ergonomic workplaces enhance the personal well-being of our employees and at the same time make a substantial contribution to keeping up their motivation, performance, and creativity, as well as creating a positive work environment.



General Equal Treatment Act

Schlemmer pledges itself to the principles of the "Global Compact" of the UN.


The goal of the General Equal Treatment Act (GETA) is to prevent or eliminate discrimination against employees in the workplace. This is also the goal of our company’s attitude and practice. The entire Schlemmer Group supports a corporate culture free of discrimination. Disadvantages and harassment at the workplace will not be tolerated.      
The act prohibits discrimination due to:

  • Race or ethnicity
  • Religion or worldview
  • Disability
  • Age
  • Sexual identity
  • Gender

The act applies to all phases of the employment relationship – from the job advertisement to the termination of the employment relationship.

For the Schlemmer Group, the General equal treatment act means that all employees around the world can work together with equal rights in the Schlemmer family.
Peter Höfelsauer, GETA delegate
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