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Quality & environment

Quality is not a matter of chance.

Schlemmer strives to deliver compelling products and services to its customers in terms of quality, performance, technical innovation, optimum value and ease of use.

The high quality of our products, guaranteed by inspections that are precisely performed according to relevant standards, is one of the key factors of the Schlemmer Group's success.

In parallel, we continually review our manufacturing processes as an essential prerequisite for meeting our customers' exacting demands.

The zero-defects goal plus continuous improvement in all areas rank among our most important objectives. Operations conforming to the certifications awarded to all our locations are one of the keys to achieving them. Depending on requirements, our certifications are based on the standards of the ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001 for the Mexico, Poing and USA locations, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 for the Poing location.

By carefully orchestrating all these activities we continually optimize our high goals for quality, in line with our aim to see our customers – and not our products – returning to us.


Environmental commitment is a top priority.

As a technology corporation, we are committed to particularly conscientious use of natural resources. Therefore, we have incorporated environmental protection in all of our business activities, starting as early as in product development. Through purposefully planned processes and appropriate selection of materials and technologies considering quality and environmental criteria we achieve quality, minimize risks and avoid defects while helping to conserve resources and reduce negative impacts on the environment.

At all our subsidiaries and production sites, eco-conscious manufacturing processes, recycling aspects and energy-saving technologies form the magic triangle against which every one of our product innovations is measured.

The successful roll-out and maintenance of our certified Environmental Management System according to DIN EN ISO 14001 underscores the importance of environmental protection at Schlemmer.