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Intelligent EMC protection products for industry

Schlemmer EMC protection strips and EMC threaded cable glands with patented 360-degree connection

 Schlemmer Group headquartered in Poing, Germany, will again impressively prove its expertise in the field of EMC protection at SPS in Nuremberg. In addition to the innovative EMC protection strip, the spotlight will be on the EMC Schlemmer TEC Profi cable gland. The high-end EMC threaded cable gland for shielding high-voltage lines delivers particularly reliable prevention of electromagnetic interferences featuring new, patented 360° connection technology.

Simple plus extremely safe
The EMC protection strip achieves particularly high shielding levels against electromagnetic fields by using a laminated reflector coating. In high-frequency fields the shielding level exceeds 99.99 per cent. The EMC protection strip is unrivalled in enclosing the line sets in motor vehicles because it is not the typically used closed tube. The intelligent protection system is simply wrapped around the lines requiring protection from electronic influences, attached with an integrated piece of adhesive tape and closed with an integrated Velcro closure. Cut to size, the Schlemmer protection strip can be extremely easily, fast and cost-efficiently installed on the desired length. Should a service repair of the lines be required later, the re-closable Velcro closing mechanism allows quick, direct access to the lines.

Patented 360° contact fins in EMC cable glands
The newly developed, patented cable gland for EMC-conformant insertion of shielded cables and lines enables a far more flexible, effective and reliable insertion than conventional solutions. Various cable diameters can easily be connected through a metal contact cage made of stainless steel which is inserted into the plastic clamping element. The product is unique in that it features an elastic contact cage which evenly encloses the shielded line to exclude damage to the metal braiding. The EMC cable gland is also ideally suited for an intermediate connection, which significantly reduces the installation effort. By tightening the cap nut the seal exerts pressure on the contact cage inside the clamping element and the contact ties are gently pressed towards the inside against the cable braiding. The patented 350-degree connection does not damage the braided shielding of power cables and thus guarantees maximum EMC protection.

A clear competitive advantage: the exchangeable contact insert
The Schlemmer TEC EMC Profi delivers unrivalled flexibility due to its exchangeable contact insert. Therefore, the Schlemmer TEC Profi EMC cable glands are also suitable for use in combination with the Schlemmer TEC range of stainless steel cable glands. In sizes M 16 to M 63, the Schlemmer TEC Profi EMC cable glands are already successfully used in the most important fields of application, i.e. measuring and control technology, telecommunications, on airports and in hospitals plus in frequency converters for photovoltaic systems. M 12, the smallest member of the gland family, will follow in 2011.

The Schlemmer TEC Profi cable glands have recently made their way into the automotive industry as well. The Schlemmer technology specialists are already working on a further development in this sector. It aims to bring a plug system with the patented contact cage for automotive applications to market in the near future.

About Schlemmer
The Schlemmer Group has worldwide activities in 35 strategically important locations with more than 1,400 employees and sales of 120 million euros. The company sells corrugated and protection tube systems with threaded connection technology, mechatronics systems with probes and sensors plus air and fluid systems with air and fluid lines and reservoirs. In addition, the precision parts segment with in-house production of customized turning parts in Germany is playing an increasingly important role in the consistent expansion of our business.

The latest addition to the Schlemmer family, the Schlemmer ecotech range featuring solar absorbers, pool heaters or drip water irrigation is fully geared to meeting the purposes of environmental technology.


EMC Schlemmer TEC Profi cable gland
with patented 360° connection

EMV Schlemmer TEC Profi cable gland
with "deformed" contact ties